Transformed my knees naturally: this technology gave me young knees again


by Eric Wall


Confession time…

My doctor told me I’d never be able to get around without my cane again.

I used to suffer constantly from achy, inflamed knees that popped with every step I took. 

Literally, my swollen knees were red and as big as grapefruits.


For years, I was trapped in a relentless cycle of managing my knee pain… ice, elevate, stretch, repeat.

I followed my doctor’s recommendations, investing over $70k in trying to get better, but with no end in sight.

I felt doomed to this vicious cycle of never-ending pain and an ever-increasing pile of bills.

I could no longer do the things I loved, or support my family the way I wanted to.


Sitting on the floor? Not happening. 

Getting out of a chair? I’d struggle.

I tried everything to manage my condition, but…

Nothing worked.

None of these approaches seemed to provide the relief I terribly needed. I felt as if I had tried everything under the sun, and my condition never got any better. I was desperate.

Deep down, I was terrified and I didn’t know what to do.


A 5 min talk with my neighbor that changed everything

Two weeks before I was going under the knife, my neighbor let me in on this little-known secret.

He asked if I was going through with the risky and expensive surgery and if he might make a recommendation.

He told me how years ago, his untreated sports injuries had developed into painful arthritis and constant swelling.

While he was in physical therapy, his specialist shared with him these odd Knee Sleeves called “Compressa Knee Sleeves”. My neighbor had nothing to lose, so he gave them a try.

In just 7 days, he:

Not Your Ordinary Knee Sleeve, Backed by Science

This Compressa Knee Sleeve offers medical grade compression to the entire knee, improving circulation and blood flow.

By putting compression to the swollen areas of the knee, increased blood circulation relieves pain encourages the knee to heal.


The patented 7-zone stabilization design provides complete protection against:

When I looked online, I found thousands of raving testimonials on social media of the success people have had with it..


How I finally freed myself from the vicious cycle of pain…

The next day, my neighbor brought a pair over for me.   After everything I'd tried, I was skeptical but ready to try anything.

I had nothing to lose except (hopefully) my knee pain.

I put them on, and headed out the door to get groceries. I couldn't believe what happened next…

image image

I couldn’t believe how I was feeling after 2 weeks…

Day 1:

After a few minutes, I completely forgot I was wearing it. I eventually realized I was walking pain-free around the store without leaning on the cart for support. I didn’t feel wobbly carrying the heavy groceries inside, either!

Day 2:

My knee didn’t pop so loud when I walked, and I didn’t need crutches at all. Inflammation and pain going way down. I realized I liked having it on more than without. It felt so supportive and snug.

Day 7:

My knee pain has dramatically improved, to the point where it doesn’t hurt to drive anymore. I can be a normal human now, pain-free. It feels even more comfortable as it’s started shaping to my leg.

Day 14:

I’m off my meds. I’ve been walking more than ever, finally free from inflammation and pain! Today I was able to get all the way down the hill and back from the mailbox without taking my cane. If my progress continues, I won’t need the surgery!


Day 30:

It’s like my knees are brand new.

I have my life back. I feel younger, I have barely any knee pain at all, and I carry myself with more confidence. 

My wife was excited when I started chauffeuring her everywhere again. I can even keep up with our grandkids and walk the dog now. All thanks to the support of this compression sleeve!

After standing in line for several hours at Disneyland with the grandkids without my cane, I am a believer!

My knee doesn’t hold me back from anything anymore.


My Final Thoughts on Compressa Knee Sleeve…

Compressa Knee Sleeve can help you, no matter the cause of your knee pain. 

Last time I checked, there was very limited stock, so I’d check here and see if they still have any available. If they do, I strongly recommend buying a few sleeves at least!

Reasons why I feel Compressa is the very best:


Good luck & good health!

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